To create a rich collection, blending quality fabric with professional sewing techniques by master ad meticulous hands, creative designs meeting with the bodies of fashion lovers. We are calling this the Perfetto’s world of shirts. Just as the meaning of our brand, the passion for excellence constituting integrity in each part, brought Perfetto to the branding journey in 1995.

The brand culture of our company with its design R&D and production center in Istanbul, is to provide customers innovative and trendsetter products with synchronized and innovative approaches. The success gained thanks to this philosophy, has forced our company to expand the production volume. The contribution and labor force we added to the country economy thanks to our new factory that was found in 2014 in Sivas on a closed area of 3500 m2 and that is equipped with latest technology, is increased to 200 employees. Our annual production capacity has increased as 500.000 shirts and 50.000 trousers.

The sales success and customer demands have forced Perfetto quality to add trousers to its product range and in 2012 our company has expanded its product range with the trousers collection it offered to its customers.
Considering the 20- year adventure in brand awareness and sales network the Perfetto quality is offered to customers through more than 100 domestic sales points in 60 cities and 45 sales points and 14 countries abroad. The success in branding and the increasing demand, made it mandatory for Perfetto to establish an online sales site and to offer the Perfetto quality all around Turkey.
Our company is planning to strengthen the sales network in Turkey and worldwide and to increase online sales investment and brad awareness and accessibility in the medium- term. Our long- term plans, infrastructure and R&D work is to odder the perfection approach of the Perfetto brand to the taste of all men's fashion lovers with a collection design, and to become a brand not following the trend but creating trends.